Rhinohide founder and CEO Marc Berryman will be going head to head with the Sharks of Channel 10’s Shark Tank with the hopes of securing an investment and mentor.

Make sure you tune in this Wednesday at 8:30pm to see if Rhinohide is tough enough to survive a grilling from the Sharks.

Rhinohide is the brainchild of Western Australian entrepreneur Marc Berryman.

The concept was conceived almost 15 years ago when a much younger Marc scratched his parent’s brand new 4×4 when he took it away on a fishing weekend.

After a stern lecture from his parents and two days with the cut and polish. Marc thought to himself “There’s got to be a way to protect 4x4s from the environment they are built to tackle.”

A decade later and with the latest available technology at his disposal, Marc made such protection a reality through the creation of Rhinohide. The end result is a robust, durable system that provides anyone venturing into the harsh off-road environment with the confidence to push through any track, no matter how overgrown.