1: A Set Of Rhinohide

You’re going to be crying the whole way if you get that beautiful new rig all scratched up! Coastal shrubs are notoriously harsh, and the tracks are often narrow; so make sure you slap on the Rhinohide.

2: Tyre Deflator

Lowered tyre pressures are a must when driving on sand. Grab yourself a tyre deflator; it’s much easier and quicker than using a stick. Throw a good quality, accurate tyre pressure gauge in the kit too

3: Sand Flag

It’s an often forgotten item, but the sand flag is a safety essential in the dunes. They simply clip onto a quick release fitting on your bullbar, and make it easy for oncoming four wheel drives to see you coming long before you crest a hill

4: Long Handled Shovel

It makes recoveries much easier, allowing you to reach right under the vehicle. Even if you don’t need it for recoveries; the kids will love using it to build the biggest sandcastle in the world!

5: Traction Boards

These have really picked up as a must have item! Having these on board means you don’t have to rip out trees for traction; plus they’re far more effective

6: Snatch Strap

Sooner or later you’ll need someone else to pull you out. It’s proper etiquette to carry your own strap; so make sure it’s packed along with rated bow shackles and a damper blanket

7: Compressor

What goes down, must come up! That’s what we say about 4WD tyres anyway. When you’ve deflated tyres to 16 PSI or lower for beach driving, you’ve gotta bring them back to highway pressures before you hit the road


Don’t forget to pack your sense of adventure! With Rhinohide to fend off the bush, and these essentials in your arsenal – you can explore anywhere.