So you need a bit of sand under the tyres. No worries! Your two closest options are Tims Thicket and Whitehill beach just south of Mandurah; or Wilbinga to the north past Two Rocks.

Tims Thicket

The best way to get onto the beach is via Tims Thicket Rd, off Old Coast Road. Follow it until it hits the dirt, let a bit of air out of the tyres – and head straight for the beach. However, there is a rocky outcrop you’ll encounter if you want to drive south for any length of time. If the tide is high, it can be difficult to pass; so head further south on Old Coast Road and take White Hill Road to the beach instead.


This one is accessed via Wilbinga Road. This is a dirt track, so if that doesn’t show up in your GPS; try heading for the junction of Military Rd and Indian Ocean Drive instead. Then turn left onto Wilbinga Rd about 30 metres past this. Make sure you exit here too when you’re done. There are NO exits to the north or the south.


Bush areas for 4WDing near Perth are even easier to find than beach. Whether it’s deep mud holes, rocky hill climbs, or just a cruise down a gravel track with some views; you can find it within a couple of hours.

Mundaring Powerlines

 Every Perth local 4×4 enthusiast should know this one! Head up through Mundaring to Sawyers Valley. The turnoff you’re looking for is situated at 31°54’16.09″S, 116°11’59.62″E but if you need a street name, punch Stephenson Street into the GPS, and be ready to turn right about 50 metres before this. The road will soon turn to dirt, and you’ll see the start of the track on your left after around 1.3 KM. The powerline track is very rough and contains some very challenging obstacles; so it’s best to have a little experience up your sleeve.

Julimar Forest

 This one is a lot of fun in winter! Plenty of mud around, and slippery shale hill climbs. Head along Great Northern Highway for Muchea, then take Muchea East Road at the set of lights. Muchea East Rd eventually turns into Chittering road; and after 20 KM you’ll turn right onto Julimar Road. 13 KM down here make a left onto Heine Road, which runs right through the middle of the state forest, with exciting tracks branching off everywhere!

Captain Fawcett Trail

 Your nearest townsite to this one is Dwellingup, from which you need to head out to Lane Poole Reserve on Nanga Road. Stop in at the Rangers hut to grab a free map, where they’ll also fill you in on the track a little; then head over the bridge following the map. This track mostly follows the Murray River, and ends up at Quindanning; though there’s plenty of places to exit the track sooner. You’ll need a good solid day to complete the track, but there’s plenty of riverside camping should you wish to make a weekend of it.

Depending on your idea of a day trip, there is so much more to be explored around Perth! So slap on your Rhinohide and get out there!