1. Exterior Cleanup

It’s all in the first impression. And if your 4WD looks like an old bush hack, that’s what money you’ll likely get for it!

Hopefully you remembered to fit your Rhinohide before each off road adventure; so you don’t have to worry about losing thousands of dollars due to ugly paint. Give the vehicle a good wash, and consider waxing it for a little extra shine.

Take to the tyres with some tyre shine, and use some plastic protector to return the plastic trims to their deep black.

2: Interior Cleanup

So you’ve got the buyer excited with a vehicle that presents well, now make them feel at home in the cab!

Clean out all personal belongings if you can, and vacuum the stale fries out from under the seats. Clean up any stains in the seats or carpet with some upholstery cleaner too.

Give the interior plastics some love, and wipe them over with a product like Armour All and a clean cloth. Finally; sneak an air freshener in there. Maybe ‘New Car’ scent is a good choice?

3: Minor Repairs

Your 4WD might have some minor faults that could knock hundreds off your resale. Things like light globes, missing trim pieces, or small chips in the windscreen are pretty easy to fix yourself. Even something like yellowed headlights can be an issue, which is pretty easily fixed using a kit from an auto store.

4: Paying A Professional

For a vehicle with potential for high resale value, it could be worth paying a professional to have a few things fixed. A dent might only cost a few hundred dollars to have fixed; but having perfect bodywork is worth a lot to the right buyer.

The same goes for oil leaks. Buyers hate oil leaks; and if it’s a simple seal that needs replacing – bite the bullet and spend the couple of hundred dollars to have it replaced.

5: Service And Maintenance

I hope you’ve kept a log book since day one. A complete log book is HUGE drawcard! Keep receipts for mechanical repairs and accessories too.

Make sure your oil is topped up, and not too black – and check all other fluid levels under the bonnet are where they should be.

Take a look at the tread depth on your tyres too. If they are looking a little low, it’s not hard for a buyer to knock $1000 off your price. It may even be worth spending $400 or so on a second hand set with decent tread if this looks like becoming an issue.

Final Words

You can put a lot of time and effort into getting a vehicle ready for sale, but even a quick clean-up will raise the value of any vehicle, even if it’s just a small amount.