Like all the best stories, ours stems from misguided youthful antics. The idea of the Rhinohide system was originally conceived 15 years ago, when our fearless company founder borrowed his parent’s brand new 4×4 for a road trip up north.

Pulling out of the driveway, he vaguely remembers hearing his Dad’s parting words of “don’t take it off-road, you’ll scratch it.”

So what was the first thing he did when he reached his destination? He took it off road, and he scratched it. Big time. All the way from the front quarter panel to the rear of the otherwise pristine vehicle.

There was no way to hide it. It was now going to be a permanent feature on the vehicle.

After a severe talking to from his parents and a solid two days with the cut and polish, the following thought crossed his mind.

“4×4’s are designed to be taken off-road, yet people are too frightened of getting them scratched.There’s got to be a way to protect them from the environment that they are built to tackle?”

Enter Rhinohide.

Like all the best Aussie inventions, the first prototype of Rhinohide was formed in a backyard shed using materials sourced from local hardware stores. The end result wasn’t pretty, but it did the job. Well, sort of.

Life, as it does, got in the way of this creation and the idea of Rhinohide was put on the back burner for a few years.

Now, over a decade later and after three years of research and development, the idea of Rhinohide has been brought back to life with a much more sophisticated design.

The result? A temporary, yet completely reusable 4×4 paintwork protection system that can be installed on your 4×4 in under two minutes.

Rhinohide is far stronger, fits tighter and protects better than anything else on the market.

With Rhinohide, you really can have the best of both worlds; a smart looking city cruiser during the week, then a wild untamed beast able to tackle any track on the weekend.