At Rhinohide, we believe that nothing should get in the way of a good adventure, especially not the fear of damaging your 4×4 by taking the road less travelled.

What is Rhinohide?

Rhinohide is a temporary, yet fully reusable paintwork protection system for 4x4s. Equipped with rare earth neodymium magnets, the Rhinohide panels attach to the exterior of 4x4s in a matter of minutes. Once attached, the protective panels form a tough armour between the outback and the 4×4’s paintwork. This revolutionary product allows 4×4 enthusiasts to venture anywhere without the fear of scratches or chips to the protected paintwork. Rhinohide also saves time on cleaning and buffing after a full day exploring. With a passion for innovation and design, the team at Rhinohide is committed to ensuring that the Rhinohide system remains the number one choice in 4×4 paintwork protection.

About Us

Rhinohide is proud to be a Western Australian owned and operated company. Rhinohide first came to the public’s attention after a successful appearance on Channel 10’s Shark Tank. After delivering a solid pitch. Rhinohide company founder and CEO Marc Berryman was successful in securing investment from not one but two of the Sharks; Greencross and Pet Barn founder Glen Richards, and Andrew Banks, co-founder of recruiting giant Morgan and Banks.

Available Models

We’ve come a long way since Shark Tank… the Rhinohide range has expanded and is now available for ten models of 4×4, each designed to conform perfectly with your vehicle’s surface. The range of available Rhinohide models will continue to grow. To keep updated on future products and launches, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter  

You can check out our current range here.

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